Tim Barnaby
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Transforming business leaders with the creation and delivery of their presentations so that they will command any room with confidence. 

Are you an ambitious business professional that needs to improve your presentation skills?

Are you moving your audiences to take action?

Do they buy more products or services after you present?

Do you get asked by businesses and associates to lead presentations to their organizations?

Are your presentations compelling, with a message that resonates and captivates from opening to close?

Do you realize that improving your presentation skills will help advance your career, improve your business opportunities, and build more team morale?

certified World Class Speaking Coach
Tim Barnaby, public speaking coach

If you desire these kinds of results that would make a difference in your career,  then we need to work together.  

I can help you with the tools, processes and knowledge through my presentation consulting services that will transform you into the presenter that is desired by audiences and meeting planners.

I am a World Class Speaking Coach, and I'm ready to work closely with you to share my experience and knowledge in order to help you achieve the success that will elevate you to a new level.


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Brampton, Ontario Canada
(647) 388 - 2543